From South Jamaica Queens to startups, venture capital, and now Columbia Business School, hear my story on the Minority Trailblazer Podcast here!

“Anastacia left her job as a #consultant and withdrew her admission from Columbia Business School to become the first #employee of a now venture-funded startup called Jopwell. Her #decision paid off because in 2015 Jopwell went through Y Combinator and her contributions helped the company raise $3.25M in seed round funding. She has since gone on to work for Kapor Capital as a venture capital summer associate and is currently a first-year #MBA student at Columbia Business School. Excited to share Anastacia Gordon‘s journey on the #MinorityTrailblazer Podcast to talk working at a #startup, B-School, and how to go about raising funding.” – Greg E. Hill, Founder & Host, Minority Trailblazer Podcast


Written by Anastacia

Anastacia Gordon is a writer, backpacker, and investor interested in music x media x culture x tech. She is currently an MBA student at Columbia Business School and spent summer 2017 as a summer associate at Kapor Capital. Prior to that, she was a founding team member at Jopwell (YC S’15).

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