I’m a writer, backpacker, (former) startup founding team member, Columbia Business School student and budding VC investor interested in consumer tech, music, media, and culture. This site originally served to document my first 10-day solo backpacking trip through Thailand in effort to get more comfortable with taking risks. As my appetite for risk grew, I then moved on to documenting my unconventional experiences in the professional world, as the first hire at a now venture-funded startup called Jopwell (Y Combinator S’15). Today, having fallen in love with venture capital after spending time on the investment teams at Kapor Capital, Cross Culture Ventures, and Lerer Hippeau, I write about companies taking risks to move the business of music, media, and consumer tech forward. Here’s to finding peace of mind (in exploring things I love) and sharing a little piece of mine…

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Written by Anastacia

Anastacia Gordon is a writer, backpacker, former startup founding team member, and investor interested in music x media x culture x tech. She is currently an MBA student at Columbia Business School and spent time on the investment team at Kapor Capital, Cross Culture Ventures, and Lerer Hippeau. Prior to that, she was a founding team member at Jopwell (YC S’15) after spending the early part of her career in a number of consulting and finance roles. Anastacia received her bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and hails from South Jamaica Queens, New York.

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